Welcome to Forward Zoning!

Welcome to ForwardZoning.com. We are a group of Sioux Falls residents who are dedicated to educating the citizens about the new Shape Places Zoning Ordinance and how it will benefit all members of the community. We urge you to vote YES on Referred Law 3 - Shape Places on April 8th to approve the new Shape Places Zoning Ordinance!

The existing Zoning Ordinance is outdated - it was adopted 30 years ago (1983). The current ordinance does not reflect the newest design and development standards. It contains rules that no longer work well in our growing community. It limits options for redevelopment and remodeling in the core area of the city.

The new Shape Places Zoning Ordinance is the result of years of work, public input, and feedback from citizens. It reflects the desires and wishes of the community at large based on years of public input, study groups, and review. It gives homeowners and business owners more rights and more options, while still providing protection for adjacent land owners.

We hope you will explore our website so you can find out why zoning matters to you. Be sure to use our interactive Property Search page to find your property to learn how the new ordinance affects and benefits you! The pages in the Get Educated section will give you the basics of zoning, compare the old and new ordinance, answer frequently asked questions, and outline the features of the new Shape Places Zoning Ordinance.

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